Thursday, January 7, 2010

EMass Basketball: Game Exclusions

During the basketball season there is always a mystery as to what a team's record is come tournament time. This is a result of teams being able to exclude games based on certain criteria. Hopefully this helps put a period on the mystery of the excluded games in question.

Here is the MIAA stance,

Recent tournament experience leads us to believe that there is some confusion regarding the Game Exclusion policy. The following is offered in order to provide clarification and some guidance in this area.

Game Exclusion Information

To enable the schools listed below to fill their schedules, the MIAA allows other member schools to schedule contests with the option of choosing not to include these contests toward tournament qualification and seeding under the following parameters.

  • Members schools may exceed the maximum number of seasonal competitions by two and exceed the weekly limit by one, when scheduling contest with the schools listed below.
  • Members schools listed below are only allowed to play the maximum number of seasonal competitions and may play each other, and at least one of the member schools must count the event towards the tournament.
  • Since contests do count for the 26 schools listed, contests must be included on the "Season Schedule and Commitment Form" submitted to the Tournament Director by September 30, January 15, or April 15. Schools must indicate if games WILL NOT count toward tournament qualification.
  • If contests are to be excluded from tournament qualification, the Game Exclusion Form must be submitted to the MIAA office BEFORE THE FIRST CONTEST OF THE SEASON IS CONDUCTED.
    Click the following link to print the Game Exclusion Form:

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